All students presenting posters agree to the following rules and guidelines. If you have questions about the requirements or guidelines please email Dr. Samuel Merriweather at

General Rules

  • Attire is a minimum of business casual for all student competitors.
  • Participants may present research topics that are still being evaluated/do not have any concrete results yet.
  • Abstracts cannot be longer than 250 words.

Poster Presentation Rules

  • All posters should include these basic elements, or their equivalents formated per discipline: Abstract, Introduction, Objective, Approach/Methodology, Results (if applicable), and Discussions/Conclusions (if applicable).
  • Students will have to bring their own posters to the Symposium.
  • Poster dimensions cannot exceed 4 feet in height by 4 feet in length.
  • Posters should not have attachments that pose a hazard to viewers, should not interfere with passersby, and should not include handouts.
  • All participants will be judged according to the same scoring criteria. Key components of the criteria are:
    • Poster Appearance : Poster should be easily readable, neat and professional
    • Poster Elements :  Poster should make use of text and graphics and should have clearly identified sections
    • Overall Research : Research should have benefits or further research aspects should be identified
    • Research Content : Project goals, methods, results and outcome should be clear and understandable