Impact Reports

In 2011, the NSF LSAMP Program Manager requested each LSAMP Alliance to submit a report discussing the impact of their LSAMP program activities in furthering the goals to 1.) significantly increase the number and quality of underrepresented minority students who gain science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) bachelor of science degrees and 2.) significantly increase the number of minority students who attend graduate school in the STEM fields.

The 2011 TAMUS LSAMP impact report included quantitative data about the Alliance student enrollment, degree production, and economic impact information. Qualitative data related to various students’ experiences and how LSAMP impacted their careers were also included in the impact report.

The 2015 TAMUS LSAMP impact report expanded and updated Alliance information over the 2011 – 2015 time frame. A leveraging section was added to detail strategies employed and associated outcomes related to how the TAMUS LSAMP Alliance has used the reception of Federal funds (e.g. LSAMP dollars) to cultivate additional financial gains, and other support for our project.