BTD fellow Natividad Robert Fuentes awarded Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America fellowship


Natividad Roberto Fuentes

The Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA) Foundation Pharmacology/Toxicology awards support career-development activities of scientists
prepared to engage in research that integrates information on molecular or cellular mechanisms of action with information on the effects of an agent observed in an intact organism, either in experimental animal or clinical studies or both. The intent of these programs is to encourage multidisciplinary training designed to bring the perspective of molecular, cell and systems biology to bear on research in pharmacology and toxicology.

The Pre Doctoral Pharmacology and Toxicology Fellowships provides awardees with a two-year stipend as they move toward completion of their research for pharmacology and toxicology doctoral dissertations to help expand the nation’s pool of highly-trained pharmaceutical researchers.

Natividad Roberto Fuentes is a third year, Toxicology doctoral student in Dr. Robert Chapkin’s lab in Nutrition and Food Science.  His research focuses on how dietary compounds modulate cellular membrane structure and function, through cytoskeletal dependent and independent mechanisms.  Specifically how dietary compounds alter the biophysical characteristics of cellular membranes and how these changes can alter the spatial distribution of Ras proteins and consequently alter cellular signaling.  Ultimately this research seeks to elucidate the mechanisms underlying dietary inhibition of Ras signaling and furthermore, hopes to validate a novel membrane targeted approach for application in the cancer therapeutics field.