American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) 2018 Annual Meeting in Austin, TX


Dear Faculty, Post-docs, and Graduate Students,


Will you be attending the 2018 meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) which will take place in Austin on February 15-18?  If you will or might attend, please read on:

You are cordially invited to attend a pre-meeting on February 9, 2018, at 4:30 VIDI 102 to talk about how to make the most of your time at the AAAS conference.  Refreshments will be provided.

AAAS is a great meeting for those interested in multidisciplinary science, science advocacy, science policy, and popular communication of science.  It is also an opportunity to become an active member and perhaps eventually a Fellow, which is a prestigious honorific.  This is an excellent opportunity for us at TAMU.  It’s practical, low cost, an easy drive from College Station, and a good professional development opportunity.

Graduate students and post-docs are particularly encouraged to attend this pre-meeting.  Any faculty who can come as mentors would be very much appreciated.

At the pre-meeting, a panel will discuss:

  • Why the AAAS is interesting and can be important for your career;
  • How to join one of the 24 specialty sections and eventually qualify to become a fellow.

Discounted early-bird registration rates for the AAAS conference are available through January 24, 2018.  Non-members can also take advantage of a discounted rate to become AAAS members and to register for the meeting.  Visit  Please RSVP to to confirm your attendance and help us plan for the February event here on campus.


Yours truly,

Evelyn Tiffany-Castiglioni

Professor and Assistant Provost

Office of External Faculty Recognition

Texas A&M University