LSAMP iREU nominations – France/Belgium | Louisiana State University | Spring 2018

This REU is very much about student learning gains by enhancing publication-quality international research success and by also involving US Mentors….important features:

  • A route for students to get equivalence of a European Master’s degree with a six month research stay
  • $5,000 Collaborative Research Initiation Awards for selected US mentors each year
  • AAAS Individual Development Plan


Mentor Nominations: This program operates exclusively by mentor nominations – these are simple half page emails– no more, see template at bottom of this long email for more. There is no student application form in the traditional sense. LSAMP students can and should help inform their faculty mentor. Faculty mentors who know well the research skills of their LSAMP student nominate speaking in compelling terms of their nominee’s specific capabilities to succeed in any of the following chemistry-centric research groups.


The $5000 faculty award and identifying the best group in Europe:  LSAMP faculty mentors  with students in chemistry and chemistry-related, areas but not biology select from the “world-class” research groups below. Mentor nominations should also speak to how the research abroad connects to ongoing activities in their groups and in this way most REU participants return with added skills that enhance their multi-semester undergraduate research track and also their home mentor’s ongoing research.  We send students for 12 week minimum and particularly encourage students to extend their stay to six months and to this point about 25% of students extended. In turn, the most compelling faculty nominators will receive $5000 Collaborative Research Initiation Awards to strengthen the international connection, at least two this year.


Multiple semester previous research experience required: Our iREU seeks participants able to obtain publication-quality results from the beginning of their research abroad – some will have already published, most will have presented research at an off-campus scientific meeting. Thus a requirement is multiple semesters of research experience on their own campus, and most have excelled at one or more research experiences at another off-campus research program.  The program is well suited to seniors who intend to continue with graduate school and have the ability to extend their time abroad. For example, last year two of our participants won the NSF GRFP (so far) and one is applying to the NSF GROW award right now.


As a student, if you’ve gotten this far and can say “I am an LSAMP student with an outstanding research track record. I have the required research skills.   I am absolutely not a “premed”. I am a US citizen. This aligns with the research activity of my mentor at my school”…… it’s a great sign. ……… Help your mentor by carefully checking out mentor options look up and print out the best publications and be ready to convince your mentor “we talked about that publication in group meeting” or “look what I could bring back to the group after 3-6 months in this international lab.”


For more information about this opportunity, kindly read the below email in PDF.

LSAMP iREU Information Email 

University at Albany Waives the Graduate School Application Fees for LSAMP Scholars

The University at Albany is dedicated to diversifying graduate education, as such we provide application fee exemptions to LSAMP students.

Ranked among the top universities in Forbes’ “America’s Best Public Colleges,” UAlbany is the premier public research university in New York’s Capital Region, offering 83 master’s, 38 doctoral and 35 certificate graduate programs. U.S. News & World Report consistently ranks many of our graduate programs among the top 50 in the United States, including clinical psychology, criminal justice, library and information studies, public affairs, public health, sociology, and social work. UAlbany also offers assistantships, fellowships, and tuition scholarships.

To learn more, please complete the UAlbany Graduate Inquiry Form and we’ll be in touch!

CALTECH AMGEN Scholars and WAVE Fellows Summer Internship | Free Webinars

Caltech is excited to announce two summer research opportunities available to continuing undergraduate students. Questions about these programs can be directed to Carol Casey at or (626) 395-2887.

Interested students can join us for the following webinars to learn more:

  • WAVE Fellows Program Webinar, November 15, 11:00 am PST, Register

Amgen Scholars Program Webinar, November 16, 11:00 am PST, Register

Scripps Research Institute Visitation Event for Undergraduates| January 2018



For a fourth year, The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) – Jupiter, Florida campus will be hosting a Diversity Visitation Event for Research and Graduate Education (DiVERGE) for undergraduates interested in biomedical research careers.  We are reaching out to our colleagues and contacts at colleges and universities and asking you to share the event announcement with undergraduates at your institutions.

When: January 4-6, 2018

Application and supporting materials deadline: November 26, 2017

Selected students will be contacted:  November 30, 2017

The program is designed to give interested students an in-depth preview of undergraduate research opportunities at TSRI and an understanding of graduate education in the chemical and biological sciences. Travel to the TSRI campus in Jupiter, Florida, as well as all food, lodging and other expenses will be paid by TSRI for the selected students.

DiVERGE is especially geared toward students from underrepresented minority groups or disadvantaged backgrounds, including individuals from low-income families or first-generation science students. The program is also geared toward students enrolled in liberal arts colleges, as well as Florida universities and colleges.

Here’s a link for more details and the online application:

Questions about the program or application process should be directed to